Debates are good. We should have more of them.

I have been watching a series of education debates on YouTube that have been done by Micheala Community School, a British Charter School.

The debate topics are:

1.Personalised learning harms children
2. “No excuses” discipline works
3. Project-based learning prepares children for the 21st century
4. Schools should do “Whatever it takes”
5. Performance – Related pay is damaging


They are great debates.

Do yourself a favour and pick one to watch. (Sorry Molly Meldrum)

Before you do, ruminate on this cartoon.

and this one.

David Didau: The Learning Spy

I love the scoring system for the debates.

At the start they ask the audience what they already believe about the topic.

Eg “No excuses” discipline works. – The audience was 60 – 20 in favour of that statement before the debate.

At the end of the debate they ask the audience “Who has changed their minds?”

Great discourse.

Well worth a look. Refer to No.3


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